This page contains links to other web sites that may come in handy to individuals involved in real estate research through this site. It is provided for your convenience, and does not constitute an endorsement.

  1. Ohio Recorder’s Association
  2. Ohio Secretary of State
  3. Hamilton County Main Homepage
  4. Hamilton County Auditor’s Office
  5. Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
  6. Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations
  7. Hamilton County Engineer
  8. Hamilton County Probate Court
  9. Hamilton County Treasurer
  10. Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Genealogy and Historic Research


  1. FamilySearch (Mormon records online)


  1. Ohio History Connection (formerly Ohio Historical Society)


  1. Hamilton County Public Library
  2. Hamilton County Genealogical Society

Military/Discharge Resources

  1. National Archives (